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You may be running out of time to use your vision benefits or insurance before the end of the year.* Don’t let this important opportunity to check your eye health slip away – schedule your comprehensive eye exam today.
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Your Old Lenses Blue It
Your phone is your connection to friends and family. Your laptop a tool for success. Unfortunately for our eyes, these screens emit high amounts of blue light waves, which have been linked to risks, such as macular damage, digital eye strain, and sleep cycle disruption. But, there are simple steps you can take to help reduce the impact of digital devices on your eyes.
· Give your eyes a rest - Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break, and stare at something 20 feet away. Think of it as a reset for your eyes.
· Consider lenses that help block the blue light. For example, LensCrafters exclusive Blue IQ lenses help filter out harmful blue light to keep your eyes safe while using digital devices our lenses keep your eyes safe while using digital devices.
Talk with your eye doctor to find out more.
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Dr. Amanda Troupe is the local eye doctor to see for all of your eye care needs in Tupelo, MS. As your local Tupelo optometrist, Dr. Amanda Troupe can help diagnose, treat, and detect subtle changes in your eyes year over year. Come visit our offices at 1001 Barnes Crossing Rd Tupelo, MS 38804 and let us help you see and look your best. Our doctors are here to provide the professional eye care near you, to guarantee you have the clearest vision. Call today to schedule an appointment for your annual eye exam.
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